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Shotgun Houses Set for Restoration

Monica Davis, a 2005 graduate of Fike High School, is a graduate student in interior architecture and historic preservation at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She recently teamed up with Antonio M. Jenkins, owner of Tee O’s Luxury Renovations, to purchase five properties and two undeveloped lots on Ash Street and Narrow Way.

Shotgun Houses to Tiny Homes

WILSON, N.C. (WTVD) -- Wilson native Monica Therisa Davis bought historic shotgun houses in the East Wilson Historic District with plans to restore them and turn them into trendy tiny houses.


Wilson, North Carolina, was once home to a vital tobacco industry and the largest population of working-class African Americans in the state. Many resided in one of 301 “shotgun” houses in the area until the tobacco industry moved overseas in the ’80s, resulting in many of these homes becoming abandoned and eventually demolished.


Master’s student Monica T. Davis is graduating from UNC Greensboro with an impressive resume: an MFA in interior architecture, a certification in preservation, a job at an award-winning architectural firm in Hawaii, and a legacy as a hometown history hero.

Shotguns In Wilson

The bend of Carolina Street between North East and North Vick Streets was once lined with endway [shotgun] houses.


Under the guidance of restoration specialists from the State Preservation Office, the field school students worked on two of Davis’ homes throughout the week. They repaired windows, patched flooring, and replaced deteriorated clapboards.

Monica Davis Receives $10k Stedman Incentive Grant

Wilson local, Monica Davis, is awarded the Preservation of North Carolina Stedman Incentive Grant for her rehabilitation of historic Shotgun Homes in East Wilson Every year, the Stedman Incentive Grant is awarded from Preservation of North Carolina to recognize and assist non-profit organizations in their efforts to preserve the state’s architectural heritage. It is our great honor to announce that, with the help of Anne Joyner from the POW Marketing Committee, we were able to nominate Monica Davis for PNC's $10,000 Stedman Incentive Grant which has been awarded to Monica for her incredible work on historic shotgun houses in East Wilson. Originating in 1976, the award is funded each year by the Marion Stedman Covington Foundation of Greensboro in memory of Marion’s father. The $10,000 grant encourages and facilitates the rescue of endangered historic and architecturally significant properties in North Carolina.

Monica Davis Receives Preservationist of the Year Award

For her outstanding work in the field of Historic Preservation in 2021, Monica Davis receives the Preservationist Of The Year Award from Brent Flowers, Executive Director of Preservation of Wilson. This award honors Monica's work which faced extraordinary challenges during the Covid pandemic. During this time, she continued to educate the community on historic preservation in the East Wilson Historic District, partnered with the UNCG Field School Program and Preservation of Wilson to produce online webinars, showed perseverance and determination on the renovations of the shotgun homes on Ash Street, and also taught architectural preservation practices during a fellowship at Tulane University.

Davis Accepts Prestigious Boudreaux Fellowship at Tulane University

The Boudreaux Scholarship, at the Tulane School of Architecture, intends to support the education of students from historically underrepresented groups who will contribute to the diversity in the professions of the built environment. This scholarship is available to one incoming student in each of our graduate programs: Architecture, Historic Preservation, and Sustainable Real Estate Development. It is part of initiatives that aim to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion within the school, the university, and the professional fields.